Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A World of Colour.

A creative execution here for a self-set brief to create ambient advertising for Pantone. Printed on a durable card then die-cut, the postcards resemble a good ol' swatch except with the centre missing. The simple idea is that the small postcard can be placed on any coloured surface (indoor and out), emphasising that Pantone has a vast array of colour to offer with all it's matching systems and spot-colours. No this is not a paid ad in my blog, just something that I thought would be cool to do (and being a designer, rather a geeky thing to do). Let me know if this idea has already been done however as I'm not sure.

Boring legal bit: Colour identification is solely for artistic purposes only and not intended to be used for specification. Refer to current Pantone colours for accurate matches. Pantone carries all the trademarks of a regular company blah blah...

1 comment:

  1. Yo.

    I don't think this has been done before as such, but why do it for Pantone? People who know what Pantone is will already be using it and no-one else will care!

    This would be much better for a paint matching service like Dulux or something I recon.