Thursday, 17 April 2008

Did someone say....copy?

After viewing a site that I hadn't done in years, youthoughtwewouldntnotice, and various ad blogs, I remembered that there is unbelievable amounts of copying within the ad industry....blatant copying. It saddens me when I see a brillient campaign, only to see another version of it later on for a different product. If the product being sold is of a completely different nature, then why choose the same execution? If the rational benefit of a product is different, why choose the same emotional benefit? It seems abit of a cop out. There is so much out there to inspire all of us, so many sights to see, smells to smell, sounds to hear, things to touch yet people sometimes rely on other people's creativity. I supose 'all art comes from other art' as my old GCSE art techer once said to me, and to some extent that's true. It may have been only coincidence that the creative executions of these ads were the same (there are hundreds of examples out there), maybe not (I'm not going to point fingers). Life's too short to see duplicates of everything...


The kitkat ad were done by the same agency so I guess that's a valid reason (?)

Legal bit: All ads copywright blah blah

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