Wednesday, 25 June 2008

MAN...Probably the most powerful work ever to date.

This is the latest motion graphics piece I've done and I must say... the first time I played this back in full, I started to cry.

I'm chuffed with the results. Simply put, 'MAN' is a short film taking you on an epic journey of time, depicting man kinds awful ability to reek destruction not only to his home, but to himself as a species. Made with media neutrality in mind, the film doesn't seek to advertise a product/service or make any political statement (and i10 takes no claim to the photos themselves as all copyright remains that of the respected photographers, archives and galleries, who's incredible work should influence us all).

Rather, I wanted to inform the viewer of the horrible things man is capable of and the beautiful things man is capable of creating. What I wanted was to create a emotionally brutal and raw piece of work that really gets people thinking, I mean, through careful thought can we truly appreciate what we have. It attempts to get people to open their eyes to the beautiful and destructive world around us, to see each other in a different light, to learn to tolerate and respect each other.

There are numerous patterns within the film, some chronological, some theme-based, see if you can spot them. There is also an influence toCoppela's 'Koyaaniquatsi' for all you film-buffs out there.

When you first watch this film, really really really think about the significance of each image and the echo it has had on time and in your life. Think of someone you love when you watch this, think of man across the entire spectrum as a species and immerse yourself.

Please let me know what you think of this as I'm considering doing a few (even more epic) ones about different subjects. Thank you.

Monday, 16 June 2008

More fun lenses for your mobile.

Found another lens to attach to your mobile phone (much like the fish-eye one on earlier posts). This one was a zoom lens which you attach to your camera lens to give you greater flexibility in your photo-opportunities, giving rise to new possibilities in expression. And this isn't a £400 lens that will break very easily...this was £2's worth of kit. I then though (rather obviously) let's try it on other cameras! I was shocked at how close the zoom was!

Here's some playing around, the first 3 images are from my phone, the last 3 are from a canon ixus. Try your own experiments with homemade camera lenses.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Interesting work here.

An interesting film to emerge from the mind of Duncan Catterall, animator and director friend. His latest baby, Phantom Lorenz tells the tale (in beautiful stop-motion glory) of a hired killer gone rogue in a gritty urban landscape (some of the sets were huge), with influences from a number of genres. Check out the films micro site here with all the latest news and downloads about the film, a definite watch here!