Wednesday, 3 December 2008

i10 Meets...

Last night i10 had the pleasure of meeting with Sir John Hegarty himself at a talk on 'What Matters in Marketing' for the Account Planners Group, based in the Holiday Inn near Euston (with Mccann Ericsson's offices close by...). He's a lovely good humoured and good natured chap and gave an hours talk about marketing and what it needs amidst the recession. At one point he talked about religion being the oldest, greatest brand in the world (which to a large extent is basically true, religion does indeed follow brand patterns and models. It has its own logos, CEO's, underlings, advertisements in the form of religious art, brand ethos etc). i10 decided to try and dig further into this 'brand as religion' concept and made some startling discoveries.

One such discovery was the emergence of many Sir John Hegarties in the world, belonging to a kind of secret guild that stretches back since the birth of christ, established to advertise religion. It was remarkable! They called themselves the 'Black Sheep Templars'. It was like something straight out of a Dan Brown book. Here is evidence discovered......

The Black Sheep Templars make their presence known in this mural in Venice.
One of the first great Hegarty Knights in a long successful bloodline.

The most recent Hegarty Knight during the 20th century before his passing in 2003.

We tracked down the heir to the Hegarty line (and the most recent Black Sheep Templar) and found him working as a humble butcher in Brixton...oh the irony!

i10 has (as with all leading figures in advertising) a great respect for this nice bloke. Stay tuned to find out who i10 meets in the future.

The secret identity of the Gingerbread Man!

Only those involved in my Masters Course will understand what the heck this actually means, enjoy!