Wednesday, 2 April 2008


With all the hype and talk about the iPhone in recent months (and various other products beginning with the letter 'i'), there's been an explosion of talk both positive and negative. Forums have dubbed Mac users as 'fanboys' whilst the benefits of owning an iPhone seem vast. On such a forum I stumbled across this movie about Apple's baby, and at first thought it was showing it in a positive light. How wrong I was...


Despite this, I still think Apple has produced a few good products over the years (as well as opening the floodgates to new possibilities in the way commercial media is consumed). Although there are phones out there that previously had Internet capabilities, Apple have produced a 'fashionable' web-phone, but as the saying goes (derived from something similar Oscar Wilde said I think), "Fashion is a fickle business because they seem to change it every 6 months". Discuss...

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