Thursday, 19 January 2012

Trends and Insights .5

As the week wears on, why not treat yourself to some hot McDonald's fries in the comfort of your own home? I'm surprised a product like this hasn't already launched, although McD's may have their reasons. I understand that part of the McD's experience is the ambiance of the restaurant and the act of getting out of the house. But as more and more consumers cut back, could this be a cost effective way of getting McD's into the home? This then opens up opportunities for product bundling and 3rd party involvement.

Speaking of snacking, why not help the environment as well as creating shelf standout for your brand? Doritos could capitalize on the unique shape of their snack (before someone else does) and produce a triangular packaging concept. Less packaging, more standout, everybody wins. 

One insight you may have noticed in pubs usually follows the purchase of a bag of crisps. At a group table, the bag is usually ripped down the middle to open it up for sharing. Is there room for development here?

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