Tuesday, 24 January 2012

UPDATED - Ice cream - cure for the blues during recession?

After talking with a fellow colleague Christopher Lovell, there were a few developments that where taken into account. For instance, considering Hertbrand is an umbrella brand for a number of various sub-brands, could we not create innovation to roll out across ALL the sub-brands? Is there a way to boost sales during the summer months (or even when it snows?). Could a dying brand be rejuvenated somehow? (similar to Cadbury's successful Wispa campaign).

These considerations will be developed - watch this space.

Original post:
Probably not, but then again, this is only an early stage strategy idea for Unilever's oddly-named ice cream company, 'Heartbrand'. I'll be considering how to develop this deck further over the coming weeks - I'm sure there's an insight in here somewhere waiting to be scooped out (see what I did there?), refined and exploited.

What's already going down in the world of ice cream...

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