Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Trends and Insights .4

As brands seek to live in a multitude of spaces and places, it seems like digital is hogging all the limelight. Why not explore more analogue space? Brands like Monocle have done this very well, by incorporating the values of the brand into various spaces that compliment their current consumer base (as well as attracting new ones). In this case, the magazine brand has curated its own cafe in Japan, and launched it's own radio station, complete with a dedicated radio. Could other publications follow suit? Can, say, the FT be welcomed into a kitchen environment?

This was visualized a while ago whilst a student at Bucks but still relevant today after the Christmas stabbing in Oxford Circus. Statistically the most common weapon in youth stabbing incidents is a kitchen knife, easily accessible (it is folly to try and stop kids getting hold of one). Can we make knife redundant as a weapon? Can we turn the knife into a 'snitch' with a GPS traceable RFID chip inside the blade? Can we prevent the knife from ever leaving the house? That way, the knife is seen as the last thing to use in a potentially violent situation. 

Families could be given the new 'smart' knives for free as a swap for their old ones. Such initiatives are already out there to create a 'stab safe' knife, but unfortunately youths have now taken to carrying tools and screwdrivers around with them to reach the same end. 

Is there a way of addressing this? Discuss...

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