Thursday, 19 August 2010

Why I love Advertising.

THIS is why I love this industry so much - The craft and tradition that is all but lost in the age of pixels. Paint turns the message into art. This is the honest and passionate side of advertising that so many people don’t see, a craft that I hope will be around for future generations to experience.

After a trip in NY back in 08 I came across the same wall (or at least I thought it was the same wall), with a giant GTA4 ad on it. At first I thought it was vinyl (the details were incredible), but after realising it had been hand painted I thought ‘my God that’s even more incredible’. Great ads it seems, really do add to the personality of a city.

Although it’s sponsored by Stella Artois and created by Mother NY…the video 'Up There' on Vimeo still documents a universal slice of advertising that too many Copywriters, Art Directors, CD’s (and Clients!) forget. This is advertising at it’s best, ever since they daubed the name of Pears Soap onto the painting of the little boy (rumoured to be one of the earliest 'mainstream' advertisements in the UK).

To all those working in the industry…remember what you stand for - you are in charge of what future generations will look back at to gauge a sense of history. You are the gardeners of the zeitgeist. Remember all that has gone before you; all the great men that have worked hard to create something great, something memorable, something genuine (regarding the medium) that outlasts the lifetimes of ourselves and transcends into the picture books of history, a gift to the ages.

Never forget that what we do is an art…

Why did you get into advertising?

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