Thursday, 12 August 2010

Android 2.2...the Demise of the iPhone is at Hand.

Droid are getting their game together now that the latest update has Flash video compatibility…not even the iPad has it. Along with the fact that Google have just released the tools to create apps open source means there’ll be a boom in Droid apps very soon, mark my words.

A few comparisons….

It costs a lot of money to be an Apple app developer, not so with Droid.

No crappy ‘vetting’ scheme with Droid (Apple kills apps before they’ve had the chance to shine based on their commercial potential or what Apple deems appropriate).

No iTunes proprietary software with Droid.

Your Droid app is not limited to a 1cm squared homepage thumbnail as it is with Apple.

No SD card in iPhone (so no easy sharing of files either, and if the cloud goes down you’ve had it).

No ‘grip of death’ with Droid.

Affordable and reasonable tariff with Droid.

Removable battery with Droid phones (so no expensive replacement fees).

Widely available tethering software for Droid OS enables further customisation.

How long have 5mpxl cameras been around? Apple’s planned obsolescence at its best, unlike the Dell Thunder, whose specs already trump the iPhone.

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