Sunday, 15 August 2010

Project 300

Over the last few months I’ve been proactive on various freelance branding projects and really would like to produce more work in order to create a reputable portfolio.

Project 300 is an attempt to appeal to agencies who use graduate creative in an attempt to be accepted onto a portfolio crit. The idea is simple…it’s a self-set brief of mine that I’d like agencies to participate in. Basically, I ask that agencies submit a single creative brief to me (old or preferably live) and within the space of a single day, I will try to create 300 ideas for the brief in question.

That’s one idea every 4 minutes...

I will then post off all 300 ideas back to the agency. All briefs are of course kept confidential and no I will not demand any payment, just a portfolio viewing. What have agencies got to lose? Nothing, that’s what.

A project overview can be seen here.

The idea came about after watching the film 300 - except instead of hoards of Persians attacking…its other graduates attacking agencies. Like a self attributed creative Leonidas, I’ll struggle against the odds to produce work that will impress an agency enough for me to be considered for employment (or at the very least, a placement).

With my mighty yellow pencil and trusty sketchbooks, victory against tyranny and mysticism will be assured.

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