Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Comment: The names Brand...James Brand.

Saw the latest James Bond film and I must say...'why so serious?' On a serious note, I was on the hunt for the usual plugs and placements including an annoyingly obvious one which went something like this....

James (at bar): 'What am I drinking?'
Barman: 'It's got Vodka, Vermouth and Gordon's Gin in it'.

It's almost as bad as the Omega one in Die Another Day. Every single, possible, conceivable electronic product MUST be a Sony (but seeing as the film's distributor is owned by Sony I'm not surprised). Still, the film was really enjoyable and the fight scenes were unlike anything I've ever seen in a Bond film before. Go see it. But remember to turn off your brand new Sony phone, available in all good retail stores in time for Xmas....

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