Friday, 2 May 2008

Micro Trends are here to stay!

After doing my usual trawling through the Great MotherWeb (may she provide for us all) I suddenly realised how many images I had accumulated of microtrends that are currently floating about. One favourite haunt of mine is, where you can create your own lolcats (laugh out loud) and shipment of fail where there are tons of fail images. I don't know where stuff like this starts but when a trend snowballs to such an extent you have to ask yourself it's gotta be a work of subcultural genius. Some trends even work their way into the BBC and TimesOnline and even mainstream design, albeit occasionally. If an image has the power to make you laugh the first time you see it then it must be doing something right. Maybe graphic designers and admen can tap into these microtrends more to uncover a rich diversity of warped humor on the's worth a try! Check out another trend 'ur doin it wrong' images where, well.... the strap line says it all really...

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