Friday, 29 February 2008

It begins...

First entry! My html skills are not exactly tiptop but I'm dabbling in trying to improve them, also point out any spelling errors to me as it's also not tiptop at the moment.

Basically I thought it would be a good idea to try and print a yearly periodical that encourages intellectual debate about the designed world we live in (hopefully ready to run in November), in which this blog is meant to support. With blogs like this, books, websites, pod casts and other such digital communication abundant in today's 'technological savvy' society, the digital is seemingly everywhere. Printed matter STILL has huge impact however, despite what all the naysayers are talking about (the death of print etc etc). On one hand, it is good to have something digital in front of you that can be shared instantly among friends, peers etc (and that obviously doesn't take up space) but on the other, it's also nice to have something tactile in your hands you can feel (printed matter doesn't need batteries/power either which is also an obvious plus). I could spend all day banging on about the 'impact of the digital' but there are plenty of other sources out there (both digital and printed lol) that cover the same topic. I may talk about it in future posts however. In the meantime, check these links out for related content on digital, upcoming tech etc.

Guardian Newspaper Tech
Media Shift (updated very regularly)
National Public Radio (covering a bit of everything)

Over an out.

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  1. Hey Ste, rich here, (Year three DMU) think your blog is interesting, especially about printed matter and having something to hold instead of look at on screen. Ive just done a book for a D&ad comp and recently got it back all professionally printed etc and its soo much better having the collection of images in book form than having to open them on screen, something you can hold and feel is soo much more rewarding, i dont think it will win any comps but it was worth every penny in the end. plus dealing with printers was a valuble experience.
    i will add this to my links on my blog.