Monday, 13 February 2012

Now that’s what I call CRM!

A delightful example of cost-effective CRM.  You may have heard about this, quasi-luxury supermarket Sainsbury’s have changed the name of their own-brand Tiger Bread to ‘Giraffe Bread’ supposedly in response to a 3 yr old's inquisitive letter about the former.

The idea is so simple, it’s a wonder why retailers don’t do it more often - not the renaming of the product per se, but the informality of the retailer response on a level consumers can relate to (no matter their age!). It’s about getting the basics right. A simple letter is all it takes, without prepopulated variable fields or a fancy DM piece. Would this have panned out the way it did if little Lily was sent an email?

I am a little cautious that the entire operation is either a). An elaborate troll (by looking at the 4Chan-esque indicators ‘c\’ on the letter), or b). A stunt conceived by Sainsbury’s under the direction of an agency (the letter was sent last year). The whole story as told by the retailer is here.

Maybe I’m wrong and this is all a genuine act of decent CRM, I hope so. The positive response this has received speaks for itself, and the 150k+ FB Likes and 49k shares wouldn't go amiss. It just goes to show how valuable customers are, regardless of their age.

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