Monday, 24 May 2010

Blackout Glasses and Trends

Summers here and it’s time to whip out those fake Ray Ban and TopShop aviator sunglasses. Not content with those I thought about making my own but with a twist. As trendhunting sites will have reported, last summer the must-have facial accessory was the Jay-Z ‘horizontal bar’ aviator glasses which started life as a personal product hack from some guy who’s name eludes me. His mates loved them so much their popularity grew in an organic way...then Kanye West got hold of, the design sold millions.

Recent Lady GaGa music videos depict the sugar-coated accessory-clad singer donning sunglasses that are not quite…sunglasses. This begs the question, what are sunglasses for if they function beyond their intended use? They add a superficial awe of glamour to one’s facial profile, cover up shiners, act as barriers to distance ourselves from a world who’s judgement we are fearful of…and stop the sun from getting in our eyes…

Pop the dark glass out and voila!…instant geek-chic appeal (another prominent fashion trend of 2009). Stores such as TopMan, David & Goliath and Accessorise have begun to stock glass-less glasses to cater for this trend of making oneself appear more nerdy/educated than one actually is. Geek-chic seeks to re-create an ‘underdog’ status (think ‘Superbad’, Juno or Michael Cera). The underdog appears innocent on the exterior, an image that is not sexually threatening to girls (more approachable/cuddly), and is susceptible to different external influences in a bid to find his/her tribe to discover a sense of belonging - probably why the trend has been flogged within an inch of its life…

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